With Nathan Meister, Michelle Langstone, Aroha White, Miranda Manasiadis and Graham McTavish.

Vic Long is a media executive with a young family and a bright future. But when a petty crime throws a strange light on the world he's made, he begins to question the very facts of his existence. With his world fracturing, Vic must unravel a conspiracy that he just might be part of to save his career, his family and his hold on reality itself.

REALITi is an independently-produced feature film from Jonathan King, director of BLACK SHEEP and UNDER THE MOUNTAIN, and Chad Taylor, writer of novels HEAVEN and ELECTRIC.

"REALITi plays like the bastard love child of Rod Serling and George Orwell as filtered through the classic New Wave." – Todd Brown, Fantastic Fest

95 min. HD 1080p, downloadable and DRM-free, 1.85:1 widescreen

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